(Set of 3) Unflavored 100% Liquid Egg Whites, 1ltr

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(Set of 3) Unflavored 100% Liquid Egg Whites, 1ltr

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Prepare amazing recipes like Lean protein Omlettes, scrambled eggs, pancakes etc. that calls for Liquid Egg Whites. This does not only meant for the people who go to gym for muscle gain or weight loss, but for our younger and elder ones also because everybody needs protein for their body.


  • Fully Pasteurized.

  • 1ltr contains 40 liquid egg whites.

  • 100g Protein.

  • 0g Fat.

  • 0.5g Carbohydrates.

Product Description

  • The bottle always needs to be stored in a freezer in order to maintain its frozen state unless and until you are ready to consume it.
  • When the bottle needs to be opened for consumption, transfer the bottle from freezer to chiller and let it thaw for 12 to 15 hrs.
  • It is not at all advisable to keep the bottle at room temperature for thawing it. If in case it is winters, you can let it thaw at room temperature for 3-4 hrs. and then keep it in the chiller to continue thawing.
  • Once the egg whites gets thawed, you can use them in multiple recipes that call for liquid egg whites like protein shakes, egg white omlettes, protein pancakes, waffles, cakes, brownies and so on.

Benefits Of PROTEINGAINZ 100% Liquid Egg Whites

  • Our Liquid Egg Whites are Fully Pasteurized that makes them absolutely bacteria free and safe to consume raw.
  • No cracking eggs and separating the yolks. Our Liquid Egg whites comes ready to drink.
  • Great to cook with! Use ProteinGainz Liquid Egg whites in any of your favorite recipes that call for egg whites.
  • Egg whites are the purest form of protein in the world.
  • Eggs are very good sources of Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Extremely low in calories.
  • Low cholesterol content.
  • Full of essential nutrients.
  • No fats.
  • Strengthens bones and increases Muscle Mass.




I am now able to prepare my favorite recipes like pancakes with the unflavored egg whites in a much shorter time and without any hassles and mess. These completely natural and fully pasteurized egg whites are a great addition in everybody’s fridge. Read More >>


11 Sep, 2017

Awesome product for natural gains.

Vishal Singh

11 Sep, 2017

Loved the Mango flavored Egg whites. Waiting for more flavor options.

Abhay Verma

11 Sep, 2017

I love the taste and ease of use. Proteingainz liquid egg whites has helped me complete my daily protein intake. I can now prepare Lean protein omlettes, scrambled eggs etc. with the Unflavored egg whites in a much easier and quicker way. Mango... Read More >>


11 Sep, 2017

After I used it for the 1st time, my craving for eating junk has become very less as this being completely natural, it makes you feel fuller and yet you complete your protein intake with this. These flavored egg whites should be present in everyone’s... Read More >>

Karan Malik

11 Sep, 2017

Taste is awesome. Its an awesome way to consume egg whites.


11 Sep, 2017

Best natural product I have come across till now for achieving your goals, whether it is bulking or loosing. Thank you Protein gainz for your service.


11 Sep, 2017

Amazing product.


06 Sep, 2017

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